Blame the fact I was watching Treasure Planet
  • [Inquisitor bring up the idea of going to the Fade]
  • Cassandra: Well this- it's just- oh, my. Solas, would you please explain how ridiculous this is?
  • Solas: It's totally preposterous, traversing the entire Fade alone.
  • Cassandra: Now at last, we hear some sense.
  • Solas: That's why I'm going with you. [pulls out a suitcase]
  • Cassandra: Solas!
  • Solas: [runs around packing things] I'll use my entire knowledge to help plan the expedition; I'll pack so bags, oh and my bring my notebook for good study...
  • Cassandra: You're not serious?
  • Solas: [slides down a tower of books] All my life, I've been waiting for an opportunity like this, and here it screaming! "Go, Solas! Go, Solas!"
  • Cassandra: [frustrated] Okay, okay! You're both grounded! [sighs]
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we Americans act really cocky and assholey about freedom to hide the fact that our government is crumbling and nobody is actually free so please give us this one day to be annoying about it

Kinda feel bad for poor Americans now. A bit like the asshole kid who you realise is only acting like that cuz their parents are cruel and neglectful.

That’s painfully accurate.

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